FSC Bamboo Series Leaves Lip Sticks packaging

Short Description:

Product Name: Natrual Plant Lipstick Tube

Material: cap and bottom- FSC 100% biodegradable bamboo

                  Built in accessories – ABS or PP

Surface Treatment: 3D printing

Color: natural bamboo texture with green plant pattern

Features: 100% biodegradable material, refillable system, super fine touch, high quality safety function

Size: φ20mm x H77mm(finished products tolerance within ±1mm)

Customized Service: shape can be customized with mold free, surface treatment have different patterns colors and technicals, such as heat transfer, laser, laser carving, silk screen etc, also can be with clients own logo.

Samples: sample free charge of which have stock, it takes 7-14days for new made sample

Bulk: shorest lead time 35days after sample confirmed and signed, leadtime should be adjusted according to order quantities

Transportation: samples takes minimum 3days to Europe and US door to door, for Asian countries minimum 2days for arrival

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Shapes and Design:

The combination of natural green leaves and bamboo, the natural bamboo pattern and color of bamboo, perfectly shows the naturalness and freshness of the product. Through the 3D process, the pattern presents a three-dimensional effect, so that the natural product is no longer dull and dull, and has a fashionable beauty. Leaves series We have completed the entire series of products including replaceable bamboo multi-color eye shadow boxes, replaceable bamboo lipstick tubes, mascara tubes, lip gloss tubes, and eyeliner tubes, etc. The products are not exactly the same, but they are combined together Very harmonious and beautiful. At the same time, we can make different customized solutions according to the needs of your brand. In the bamboo industry special-shaped processing, it is difficult to achieve fine surface polishing, and there is a problem of jade feel. The surface of the product will not appear to have a great change, but to achieve such a design, from bamboo production to bamboo packaging product production control, and Process control requires precise design and the cooperation of professional equipment. Our continuous investment finally breaks through this problem and brings you the surprise of the details. Through our years of R&D investment and experience, we have achieved different craftsmanship on the bamboo surface to meet the needs of the brand side for design and sales, and to achieve a very stable quality assurance.

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Replaceable, Recycle, and Reuse structures

When we have a deeper understanding of the characteristics of bamboo, we will find that bamboo is a very fascinating plant of natural origin. When harvesting, only mature stems are selected for harvesting, while the young stems are left undisturbed for further maturity and development. The growth rate is very fast. Bamboo can be harvested every year after 7-10 years from planting to harvest. Selective harvesting helps the health and high yield of the bamboo forest. The underground root system remains in place and provides nutrients for new stem growth. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Some bamboo species can grow more than 1 meter a day, which is about 4 centimeters per hour. No other plant grows faster. Each built-in accessory can be sold with the lipstick bamboo main packaging material, and it can also be sold as a replacement pack together as a set, in which case you can Save more than 60% of your packaging costs. We can also process the built-in accessories to match the main packaging materials with a sense of series, richer colors, and products with a sense of story. Sustainability from material to structure, including refill packs that can be reused. Customers may repurchase products, strengthening their loyalty to a brand and boosting sales. Our bamboo cosmetic packaging materials have been sold in Europe for over ten years. In this example, our goods were blended with other organic makeup and skin care products for many years, passed the test successfully, and have been available in major European beauty markets many years. We not only ensure the beauty and texture of the items, but we also pay close attention to their safety and use.

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