Refillable Bamboo+Ceramic Lipstick Packaging

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Material: Cap Tube- FSC Bamboo Bottom Tube- Ceramic

Built in accessories – PP

Decoration: Silk screen logo

Color: Bamboo natural color + Matte white ceramic color

Structure: Refillable and replaceable


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Shapes and Design:

Bamboo itself has a fresh and natural color, elegant tones, and straight bamboo texture. Ceramics are full of Chinese colors and textures. The colors of ceramics can be customized in various ways, and different patterns can be customized through 3D or other techniques. Makeup packaging materials bring unique innovations. The texture of the product is more high-end. Ceramics have completely innovated the packaging of lipstick tubes in terms of material, feel, and weight. The white color of ceramics is the original color, and there is no need to add any dyes. At the same time, different colors can be made. Color customization, bamboo + ceramic series we have made a series of cosmetic packaging, including lipstick, mascara, lip gloss, loose powder box, cream jar, eye shadow box, etc., to meet your different customization needs.


Replaceable, Recycle, and Reuse sturctures

Alumina ceramics are industrial oxide ceramics with high hardness and durability. It is made from bauxite and can be molded using injection molding, molding and extrusion.

Alumina ceramics are virtually non-polluting, which means they are inert and non-toxic. Aluminum oxide (Alumina) powders, for example, have been found to be safe for use in cosmetic goods like antiperspirants and deodorants, with low danger of cytotoxicity, immunotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, or bioaccumulation.

The amount to which materials are recycled and reused is another important indicator of sustainability. Because ceramic materials do not disintegrate naturally, they are difficult to deconstruct into raw elements for transformation. However, once aggregated, ceramic waste offers a variety of applications.

High hardness, heat resistance, high density, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance are all features of alumina ceramics. The product structure can be replaced and refilled.

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