New Coming Product

Bamboo Series

When people see bamboo, it will be nature to feel the intuitive feeling of being environmentally friendly, pure and full of oxygen. Bamboo belongs to nature and grows as fast as grass. Everyone has a very high awareness that bamboo is natural and sustainable. This is very beneficial to the brand, our refillable bamboo packaging for cosmetics (link to the product end) combined with our replaceable structure realizes the realization of environmental protection from the natural degradation of sourcing material to the disposal of the entire product lifespan.


Ceramics and Bamboo

Ceramics are made of clay and soil plus water. The whole production process is completely harmless . They can be completely integrated with the soil when they are finally decomposed, and are completely harmless to the soil. They are recyclable materials. Ceramics are used in color cosmetics packaging materials. The development of the product has won us the product innovation award of the make up in exhibition in France.


We are always updating our design, materials, and structure to achieve real sustainability and environmental protection. We can share our ideas with you when they are just budding....



The development of ceramics will undoubtedly bring surprises to sustainable color cosmetics packaging materials. It not only has a bright appearance, but also can be reused. It is an environmentally friendly material. Clay and dirt are combined with water to make ceramics. The entire production process is risk-free. When they have fully decomposed, they can be entirely incorporated into the soil and pose no threat to it at all. They may all be recycled. Color cosmetics packaging materials are made of ceramic. We received the product innovation prize from the French makeup in expo thanks to the product development.


Because the product reflects the ideal design, texture, and upscale sensation in unadulterated nature, the bamboo and ceramic combination series raises the bar for sustainable cosmetic packaging materials. The major challenge of this product line is the confluence of quality and scale. It can now be displayed to you after many years of development experiments, and production and sales have already begun.
At present, our ceramic series is only open to VIP customers, you are welcome to contact for customization and continue to pay attention. . . .

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I am very happy that through the efforts of the team, we have upgraded another product, from the original non-replaceable to replaceable, all materials eco- friendly materials, and the structure has been upgraded from non-replaceable to refillable, replaceable, and easy to recycle product structure, as the priority option for sustainable packaging of mascara, lip glaze, lip oil, eyeliner and other products.