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We have multiple one-stop service teams to provide you with hassle-free connection, from R&D to design, engineering, business and logistics to form a dedicated one-stop service team for each customer, all mates are in cosmetics bamboo packaging or Professionals who have held key positions in the international packaging industry for many years and have served European and American customers for more than 10 years.

R&D Team

The heads of the product design and development teams of each group have more than 12 years of experience in the development of cosmetics packaging , and have been engaged in packaging and technical development for many years in the world's top 500 packaging companies. The ceramic cosmetics packaging materials developed by our team have won the 2022 Make up in package, We won the Gold Award for the development of materials, and our entire series of replaceable bamboo packaging won the Gold Award for the entire series of cosmetic packaging , we obtained 11 patents for the development of makeup structure.


One Of The Patents Share


With the improvement of people's living style, cosmetics are more and more welcomed by people, accompanied by the market. There have been various cosmetic boxes for containing cosmetics, among which some existing cosmetic boxes on the market have their lids facing the box. One side of the body is provided with a mirror surface, but since the material of the mirror surface of these vanity boxes is inconsistent with the material of the main body of the vanity box, Therefore, there is a certain difficulty in collecting the discarded vanity case.


One of our practical inventions, The State Intellectual Property Office of China clarifies our products as follows:(Patent No 202102905629.6)
The utility model proposes a cosmetic box that is easy to recycle, which solves one of the problems in the existing technical problems. The present patent lies in that when the discarded cosmetic box is recovered, the mirror surface provided on the cover body can be disassembled and recovered separately, so as to facilitate the recovery of the box body and the cover body.
According to some embodiments of the present invention, the accommodating cavity is detachably provided with an inner tank for containing cosmetics, the bottom of the box body is provided with a disassembly hole communicating with the accommodating cavity, and the disassembly hole can It is used for inserting external tools to push the inner container, so as to remove the inner container from the accommodating cavity. When the cosmetics contained in the inner container are used up, there is no need to replace the entire cosmetic case, only the Just replace the inner tank, energy saving and environmental protection.