Do Right Thing, Happy Working, Enjoy Life

Sustainability is a very meaningful thing for us. Only if you like it will you enjoy it. We are very fortunate to have a group of like-minded colleagues who enjoy their work every day, and are happy for the surprises they can bring to customers every day. A small thumbs up from our customer makes us happier than anything. In our big family, colleagues are also friends. There are discussions, disputes, and heartfelt smile. Every new day is a challenging and hopeful day for us. The strength of the team makes us gradually stronger and makes us more aware of the miracles created by hand in hand.


Our great country has many beautiful places worth us to go,beautiful rivers and mountains, and our happy footprints and memories are everywhere. We are not only colleagues, but also family members. The family members of colleagues also travel together, Enjoy happiness (company travel notes).

YunNan Travel

What impressed us was that we went to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to climb the mountain, carrying oxygen tanks on our backs. Everyone was afraid of the cold, everyone was carrying thick down jackets, but when we reached the top of the mountain, it was very hot. The down jackets turned into a mountain of clothes, and they were looking for colleagues to watch them. hahaha, in the evening, our colleague Xuanxuan had altitude sickness and went to the hospital in the middle of the night. Everyone was very nervous and worrying. After seeing that she was fine, they were relieved. So before going up the mountain, we will well prepared next time.


KunMing Travel


SiChuan Travel


QingHai Travel


HuaBei Travel (When we back, one of our colleague said: “It is too bad that I can not go with your guys travel together this time” “Oh, never mind, when baby born, we can go together next time to next city, that will be another happy surprise for you”).

Chinese Lunar Year coming, I want more red envelopes!

Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important festival in China. It symbolizes the end of the old year and the arrival of the new year. Just as important as Christmas, red envelopes are the most representative part of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Red envelopes are usually given from the older ones to the younger ones, the bosses to the subordinates, and the married to the single ones. The red envelopes are also called LISHI ( cantonese pronunciation) which means that everything goes well in the new year, everything goes smoothly, and good luck is always with you.


Eating, or on the way eating.

 We are family, I am coming.
China has a vast territory and abundant resources, and the food between the north and the south can be vastly different. Talking and drinking at the dinner table, singing and carnival after dinner have silently formed our direct cultural and emotional bond. Through eating, we learn different cultures in different places and understand the habits of colleagues. Respecting the habits of colleagues and liking the habits of colleagues will make our relationship deepen day by day. No matter work or life, let us hold hands tight and work together.


I am so happy to work at Yicai!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️We can receive different gifts and surprise from the company every holiday, which makes us full of happiness in this big family. Working here is a very sense of belonging, just like our own home, colleagues are our family, happy to work and live happily.


The Raffle Has Started

The lottery events during various festivals provide the best chances for all employees to interact and get to know one another. Welcome the new coworkers, talk about interesting things, play games, and strengthen relationships between you all.


Undoubtedly, the lottery activities are a thrilling aspect of each activity. Everyone is anticipating the announcement that
"I have drawn the grand prize!"