We attach great importance to providing you with prompt and effective responses


Our professional team will provide you with the product design you need according to your requirements. If you are not very clear about your product positioning or have doubts, our marketing department and design team can do marketing research for you in advance and provide design solutions suitable for your brand direction are available for you to choose. During this period, our engineering and R&D teams will also participate. Because of the design and structure of each product, we need the most professional combination of your brand design style and pricing needs, and combined with the concept of sustainability, you can fully realize the solution you expect.


After you confirm the plan, our business team and the follow-up staff will arrange proofing for you, or provide you with a similar sample first to show you our workmanship and details, so that you can understand the difference between our products and similar products on the market. Where, quality lies in details, and the sample can make you more deeply understand why you choose YiCai. The sample lead time is usually completed within 7-10 working days. If it is an existing sample and no proofing required, we can send it to you on the same day by FREE CHARGE.


All team mates will ensure that they will give you effective responses within 24 hours to your daily questions, and will also give you specific time for all solutions, so that you can accurately arrange and advance your new product launch plan.


To ensure the products arrive safely if you don't have a local logistics forwarder, we will arrange the services of global guarantee international logistics organizations at fair prices.