Refillable Natural Green Bamboo Mascara Tube

Short Description:

Material : Cover and bottom – bamboo

Built-in accessories: PP

Structure: Refillable Construction

Shape: Rounded design with flat bottom

Color Matching: Natural Bamboo Color with 3D printing

Structure: Refillable and replaceable


Product Detail

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Shapes and Design:

The rounded design of the top edge and the coherence of the color of the top and the tube body give people a sense of affinity. At the same time, through the design of the green leaves at the bottom, it is perfectly harmonious with the bamboo tube itself, giving people a sense of nature. Comfort, pleasure, just one glance can let us release stress and relieve fatigue.


Replaceable, Recycle, and Reuse structures

Petroleum-based disposables such as plastic packaging are well known to be a problem. Paper products, although renewable, are not perfect. It takes ordinary wood 30-50 years old to mature before it can be harvested. Bamboo is different. It can be said that bamboo is an ultimate green material. Its growth does not require chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It only takes 3-5 years to grow to a mature height. There are many benefits. When bamboo performs photosynthesis, it releases 35% more oxygen than trees after inhaling carbon dioxide. In addition, bamboo is biodegradable and 100% compostable. It is a rich renewable resource. An ideal environmental protection substitute for wood products, it is more in line with the requirements of future environmental protection and sustainable urban development, so we vigorously advocate bamboo packaging materials, and our cosmetic packaging materials are mainly bamboo products, hoping to contribute to sustainable development Contribute your strength.

Shape and decoration can be customized with free mold cost, decoration provide 3D printing, silk screen, heat transfer, laser etc base on the demands of your brand.

MOQ2000pcs of each.

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